The contact with the outside world is important for young children. Previous researches related to children cognition show that the understanding of abstract concepts develops from the interaction with the physical objects. Getting children to interact with the physical world,resulting in relevant augmented digital information appearing and which can subsequently be interacted with,is what can facilitate active learning. This made us think about creating a new kind of interface which can offer children more access to tangible interface in this virtual era. In this paper, we design a new way of interaction--to play beyond the screen. We combine the paper and touchscreen devices into one interface to create a new experience, in which the content and interaction are both not restricted in the screen, thus bringing children a multi-sensory and stereo interaction system.

POPAL: Play beyond the screen

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How it works?

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Popal is an interative book consisted of a smart phone and a paper book. Each page of the book describes an independent scenario which allows children explore the interaction in different ways. Taking advantage of both the diversity of virtual infomation and the tangibility of physical objects, Papal tries to offer a consistent cognition environment and a novel experience for pre-school children. We also put Popal into user tests to evaluate the feasibility of the theory.

When you put your hand in front of the seedling, it will stop raining.

When you keep touching the sun on the screen, it will lighting up the flowers.

When you blow away the fireworm in the screen, it will fly into the forest. 

When you get close to the screen, the little mole will show up from the tree hole. 



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