Elderly communication solution

This project we worked with HP is to find a new interaction communication approach for the old people. It's not easy for them to learn a new technology for exdample, smartphone, when you trying to design a "new" product it's probable making more trouble for them. In this project, To Redesign something they familiar with instead of creating a totally new one seems a relatively better option. Then we begin to brainstorm what object in their daily life can be redesign? "Photo frame", finally, the answer is.

ZJU/ HP workshop 2012

Person to person

Small group


The final solution is composed of A mother and A branch set device which looks like a e-photo frame. Each device only display one photo of a user's friend. They can greet with each other by knocking the device which is similar to the action of knocking door in real life.

They can also invite or visit them by using the device. 

How it works?

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