Lighting for Aged

The goal of project is to improve Chinese elder people's lighting experience when they get up in the midnight. Following, observation, interviews, visits and record should be done to satisfy the demand of user, we did plentiful user research to understand our targe group's need. 


Philips Design/ZJU

Workshop 2012


Experience Flow: An old man's one day

The final solution came up with a electronic-pet like product, it can detect users' motion by ‚Äčultrasonic detection and turn on when user get up at nigh then follow them. When user get back to slepp it will turn off automatically. The user don't have to "interact" with the product, since the accurate operate

(eg: press button) is not that easy for the elder people. 

 Arduino which is easy way to realize our concepts is be chosed to build the prototype, ultrasonic detection and some other open-source hardware components also be used. 

Check this video:

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