With the development of technology, communication became more accessible. When people talk face to face, we can get more emotion expression than information itself. When people get close they even have physical contact, such as kisses or hugs. However in long-distance communication, all these emotion and action lacked. Therefore to solve the problem we turn our eyes on tangible uer interface.


 Touchable U

Tangible interaction glove for long-distance lovers

ZJU/ HP workshop 2012

How it works?

The product is composed of two pairs of gloves and a mobile app. There is a Bluetooth transceiver in each glove, when the user rubs their hands, the single will be transmitted to the mobile device then the message will send by the app, when the other mobile device receive the message, it will send the signal to the second pair of gloves, then the gloves will heats. It's like one is warming another's hand. The user don't need to worry about the distance no longer.

Check this video:

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