TUInterface for pre-school children based on Mixed-reality environment.

For preschool children, the interaction with the nature has a huge advantage on their early education. More and more application developer and traditional publishers are trying to develop education applications on mobile device, like smart phone and pad. The proportion of physical interaction gradually reduced which is exactly necessary to pre-school children. How to combine this two worlds and create a novel interface that can inspire children’s cognition learning as well as help them understand the world? We propose a novel interactive way and new mixed experience for children to learn, to combine the real-world and digital world naturally for a better learning.


The device will show the animation when the camera detected the weather elements which draw by children. This will help them understand the formation of the weather. The device combined with the information of virtual world and physical touch of real objects to create a consistent cognitive environment for children. 

When High definition camera detect the edge of a material the accordingly picture will show on display. When it detect the specific location relation, it will trigger corresponding animation.

For example: When user put a "sun" above a "cloud" it begin to rain.

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