Fabrics product Design Research

Show me the fold  【 ISSREY MIYAKE】

This is the how Issey Miyake (the famous Japanese fashion designer) deals with the cloth. Firstly, making a complete cloth folded before it sizing, heating the cloth. Secondly, sizing it. Finally, when you open it,  it will become wrinkled. 


I tried out a variety of fabrics to create paranormal form. Few products are made of this special material, what I’m trying to do is to use fabrics to design extraordinary products which have some different semantics.


The Light will light up automatically when the sensor detected people. The product is made by a whole cloth. We roll the light part and make it much harder that the other part. We're trying to create a conflicting tactile impression by using the same fabric.

Blanket light

This is a group of light which can be combine freedom depends on your needs. You can put several together when you need brighter illuminant, otherwise you may separate them if you want to create some relax atmosphere. The front parts are process into hard, the rest are soft plush fabric which shape can be changed.

Freedom combination light

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