I am always thinking about how to combine all the skills that we have learned with Chinese culture. As Ikko Tanaka, the well-known Japanese graphic designer,said, “The only way to design is re-examine your own culture.” Therefor we went to the desert in Yinchuan where is the birthplace of Chinese desert culture. In the project, we tried to extract the semantics into products. We also write a poem for each product. 

There leaves no trace when wind blows, just like the time goes by.

The sand seems like dancing in the wild. Just like the speaker, the sand will be beating when music plays. 

Some plants can survive in the desert, we can see the natural symbiosis. Like the vase, the above plants will absorb the water from the bottom of the vessel which can also offer the circumstance for the fish.

Sand is coarse, otherwise the Porcelain is smooth and clean. Like the cup, we use such strong contrast material when design the product.


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